A nod to Catman

As hard as it is to believe Godfrey wasn’t all about Ninjas and if you haven’t seen Catman before, you really ought to watch it right now.

There is a sequel, but it’s only worth skipping through to the Catman bits in that one.

Both star Jon Isgar, his website has been on our links panel for some time, but if you missed it you can check his site out here

Ninja helpline!

Brad writes,

“I need help tracking down a Godfrey Ho film:

I thought the film I wanted was Ninja Destroyer, but when I scored a copy it wasn’t it.

See if this rings a bell:

In addition to the obligatory ninja spliced-in scenes, the ‘main’ movie featured a villain who spent the entire movie in a wheelchair. He was a caucasian actor, and about the only emotion his character showed was thoughtfully tapping his temple. Towards the end of the film he leaps out of his wheelchair and attacks the heroes.

Does this sound familiar to you?”

Hmm,  the climax scene certainly sounds like “Ninja Extreme Weapons” quite a few familiar faces in this one, and lots of deliciously floppy swords! I hope this is what you’re after!

If you need the services of the Ninja helpline, just leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do 🙂

Chief Ninja deadline misser

Ah hello Ho fans, yes 2013 well goodbye to that, anyway stuffs in the can, I need more stuff in the can, script mostly written, this year is the year… He says.

Anyway I’m not doing a trailer or any rubbish like that, no point.

Twitter feed now live on the right, as you can see I write stuff elsewhere, check out www.chasethedevil.co.uk for some satire/comedy or www.ratemykettle.co.uk for some er, kettle rating.

Put a new theme on, looks pretty.

Filming continues, title complete, all sorts of shenanigans

Hello you, yes you, I’ve been putting stuff on youtube, but you can’t see it yet, what an anticlimax huh? I’ve put it on there hidden/private so it’s timestamped to combat any HEYMANSUCKMYBALLSITHOUGHTOFTHATFIRST malarky.

If you’re the kind of person who wakes up thinking christ that Godfrey Ho knew what he was doing with his feature length cinematographic masterpieces, full of fluid coherent continuity and exciting plots, then the future may be looking bright for you, mental health issues aside naturally.

For pictures on of some of the work that’s been going on, check out my twitter, (@MilkmanHero) naturally there are Ninjas.

Did I ever tell you it took me 6 sodding months to get Adobe premier? well guess what, it took 6 soddi…

Good news, I’m not dead

I’m still thinking about Ninjas it’s just that the signs of getting old are creeping in, investing in stuff, what the hell? Anyway only last month FINALLY, and I do indeed require the upper case emphasis, we got on with some filming.

Should I put up a screenshot in the near future? maybe actually as what a pointless post this is otherwise, oh well more filming this Friday!

Oh and follow me on twitter, I might actually use it then, haha.

Hey, they’re good lookin’ swords!