Ninja helpline!

Brad writes,

“I need help tracking down a Godfrey Ho film:

I thought the film I wanted was Ninja Destroyer, but when I scored a copy it wasn’t it.

See if this rings a bell:

In addition to the obligatory ninja spliced-in scenes, the ‘main’ movie featured a villain who spent the entire movie in a wheelchair. He was a caucasian actor, and about the only emotion his character showed was thoughtfully tapping his temple. Towards the end of the film he leaps out of his wheelchair and attacks the heroes.

Does this sound familiar to you?”

Hmm,  the climax scene certainly sounds like “Ninja Extreme Weapons” quite a few familiar faces in this one, and lots of deliciously floppy swords! I hope this is what you’re after!

If you need the services of the Ninja helpline, just leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do 🙂

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