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Coming soon hopefully a complete links index of all the terrible Ninja movies! (this will obviously NOT be a quick process)

Ninja Dragon.

Ninja Terminator.

Ninja in the Killing Field

A hilarious effort that has very few flat spots, it’s pretty much hilariously bad throughout, bonus points for working out the ending, 1,2,3 frogs? then casually walking off?

Other than the nonsense fight scene at the end which is simply funny to the point of crying it makes that little sense, (the army are getting shot at, despite the ninjas clearly having no guns!?) the hilarious ‘car scene’ at 31:52 sticks in the memory.

Ninja: American Warrior

Death Code: Ninja

A dry effort to be honest, a hilarious opening 10 minutes with a brilliant ‘car crash’ with quality dummy usage, and a man escaping in a poor quality spiderman type getup, and of course predictable ‘ninja’ final 10 minutes. The middle however is over an hour of rubbish generic asian movie, not funny 90% of the time, but here are the exceptions…

Keep your ears peeled for the ‘boss guy’ completely changing his voice 22 minutes in (compare to 12 mins in) maybe he had some kind of voicebox surgery?

Watch out for the asian star wars strategy map (see dialogue from 23 mins on) fabulous.

Don’t forget your CHLOROFORM (33:45)

What a great father, completely forgetting about his childs diabetes in hilarious fashion (35 mins)

Bullet scene (57:20) which is closely followed by some ninja dirt punching, and then a scene with some trademark Ho continuity.

Ventriloquism 1:13:20

Ninja Thunderbolt

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